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Patooties NFTs

10 Minutes. $20. A hands-on opportunity for anyone to get started with the wonderful world of blockchain. 


But if that's too complicated, you'll also get a matching art print of your one-of-a-kind butt.
mockup (7).png

Mint: May 30th, 12:00 CST

Supply: 111

Price: .4 SOL

In other words...

Sale Starts: May 30th. 12pm CST

Initial Quantity: 111 

Price: About $20

Learn By Doing


I’ve boiled down my weeks of research and reporting into a super lighting 10-minute quick start guide for anyone to get started with crypto, NFTs, and the blockchain.


By the end of this process, you’ll have your first NFT and all the tools you need to play around in the blockchain market. 

Mockup (1) (3).png
Mockup (3).png
What's The Value?

We call this "utility." For this project, it's pretty simple. The first 111 people to claim or "mint," a Patootie NFT gets a free art print of their unique butt shipped to any US address.

In the future, Patootie owners holders also will get first dibs on my next project, which will be translating the butts into 3D models. I’ll try to give these out for free, which will increase the value of the original Patootie. That’s just supply and demand at work.


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How to Mint Your Patootie
Patooties preview.gif
Claim your free print!

Claim your free print by DMing me on Twitter! Please include:

  • Your wallet address (so I can verify that you have the Patootie in question) 

  • Your physical address (for the mail)

Now What? (Roadmap)



Also commonly misspelled as HODL (hold on for dear life).


In the future, Patootie owners holders also will get first dibs (called "whitelisting") on future projects that add value to the initial collection. Next, I'll be doing a digital expansion, maybe a discord, who knows. Send me your ideas on Twitter!



If you’d like to sell your Patootie, I'll be listing the project on the primary Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden upon completion of the initial mint.


You'll sign in to Magic Eden with your Phantom wallet and can sell from there in just a few clicks. But hey, set the price higher than .4 SOL, ok? We’re trying to make some money here. 

You're a bonafide crypto trader now. 

Read more about this project and others in the Can I Do It In 3 Days series on Medium.

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